There are many reasons why you might have trouble printing. Here are a few things you can check before putting in a ticket.

1. Look to see which printer you are printing to. Maybe you have the wrong one selected.

2. Make sure the printer you want to print to is turned on.

3. Check to see that the blue network cord is plugged in at the wall and at the back of the printer.

4. Make sure you are on the school's wireless network. If you are on your phone's hot spot or if the 

    wireless bars are grayed out, you can't print to a school printer.

5. Turn the power off and back on on the printer.

6. Check to see if you have any stored jobs holding up your printer queue. If you do, delete all the jobs 

    and try printing again.

7. Check to see if your printer is paused in the printer queue. If it is, click Resume and see if it starts 

     printing again.

8. Delete and reinstall your printer correctly. (see attached instructions)