Use the new Gmail and connected apps

If you’d like to use Gmail’s newest features, try the new Gmail. In your email page, click on the settings gear, and the “Try the new Webb City R-VII School District Mail” button.



The appearance will change slightly, and then you will see some new icons appear in your sidebar.


The first icon is for your calendar. Click on it to open calendar in your Gmail sidebar.


In the upper right hand corner, there are 3 dots. Click on these three dots to choose calendar options. Those options are day, schedule, and select calendar.


The day option shows all the events that are happening on one day. To the right of where it says, “Today,” are some arrows. You can click on the arrows to scroll through individual days.


The schedule option shows every event for several upcoming days.


The select calendar option allows you to choose which calendars you will have shown.


To open calendar in a new tab, click on the box with an arrow, in the upper right-hand corner.


To close the calendar sidebar from your Gmail, click on the X.


The other apps in the Gmail sidebar are Keep, a note-taking app, and tasks.

You can use Keep to take notes, and there is a voice activated function for reminders. It can also try to read text from images and store them.


Tasks can be used as a visual to-do list.


If you assign a specific date to a task, that task will appear as an event in your calendar. Otherwise, it remains in a list on your sidebar.


If you’d like to have your chat window appear in your Gmail sidebar, go to Gmail settings by clicking on the gear button, then along the top of the window that opens, click on Chat on radio button.



If you find that you don’t like the new Gmail look after all, you can go back to settings and return to classic Gmail.


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